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Okay, serious question which bothers me for a while now : Many people ask me about a facebook page they could follow - should I create a such page? I am not sure ;;^;; 

22 deviants said Nah, stick with devinatArt only >_<
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~Crazy little nerd Lolita~
:iconpinkbowdivplz::iconpinkbowdivplz::iconpinkbowdivplz: Welcome to my deviantArt :iconpinkbowdivplz::iconpinkbowdivplz::iconpinkbowdivplz:

I'm a german vegetarian nerd girl who loves to dress up into the beautiful Lolita fashion or other cute and freaky styles to express herself.

My hobbies except of lolita are :
- Graphic Novels/Comicbooks
- Fantasy Books
- Gaming on the PC or PS3
- Lord of the Rings / Tolkien's works
- Doctor Who
- Batman the Animated Series
- Teen Titans
- Shopping
- Cosplay
- Alternate Fashion
- blablabla ♥

:iconlainloveplz: I hope you enjoy watching my pictures and feel free to write me :iconlainloveplz:

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~ZanZarah Shooting aka let the magic begin~

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 12:03 PM

♥ Hello my sparkling ghouls and mansters ♥

Well big news, becoming a nurse f*cking hurts...

It still is an awesome job and worth the 'suffering' <3

And on we go with the ZanZarah shoot project know what I mean <3
Well I tidied up my room very often lately and last time I did so, I refound my version of the amazing fantasy game called "ZanZarah - The hidden Portal" covered in dust because it has been hidden away in my closet for quite some time now Q///Q
As soon as I held the game in my hand I started to nearly instinctly listen to it's soundtracks over and over and over again (<- still listening to that by now xD) and of course I started to play the game again.
Hell, I even got Kia-Monroe to like it a little bit, we played it a whole night together with my brother - I mean I sure was more fangirling over all the creatures and fairies and stuff as they were, but the both of them liked it too.
And before I start to price myself of being a natural in this game, we skip to me getting the urge to do a fantasy themed photoshoot inspired by ZanZarah! xDDD

If you don't even know a bloody thing about this game I recommend to check out their official website here just to get a clue what the heck I am fangirling about :

And as Kia-Monroe did a gorgeos job with our Slenderman shoot project and our Lord of the rings shoot project before it was totally no question she was in it immediatley! *///*
As she knew the game a bit already and had collected some impressions of waht the location should look like, she searched for some nice places and sent me pictures of places she found in a forest close to her home - brilliant!
Now we just needed to wait for my dress to arrive and the fairyadventure could begin...
actually it took us like three weeks from this point to the actual shoot because of my work, creating the outfit the way we wanted it to look and bad weather but finally the day had come!

To achieve the sweet and fairy-ish look we tried a lot, in the end we chose to coordinate the darkgreen dress, with golden jewelry because it's print was golden as well and a white blouse.
I swear EVERYONE told me I looked like a little hobbit maiden, my brother did, my mother did, Kia-Monroe did several people on facebook did...well I think I looked a biiiiiiiit hobbit-ish...maybe? :D

Don't worry, I didn't cut my hair at all, it is just very very very curly! And to get my hair curly like that I had to spent an awful lot of time with foamy pin curlers on my head...I looked like an alien and it felt damn weird as well |D

But hey I think the result of the torture is worthy to show, eh?

Anyway when I was still at home getting ready to drive to the location where I was supposed to meet up with K, the sky was really freaking out, it turned pitch dark suddenly and minutes later the sun was blazing through my window just to turn all dark and cloudy a few minutes later again.
Also the weatherforcast foretold rain for that day and I really feared the shoot would end up being washed away by rain, but as soon as I left the house the weather stood perfectly fine!
Not too cold and not too warm, a bit windy though but not really affecting the shoot in the forest <3

When we arrived at the location K gave me a wonderful golden flower necklace and the matching earrings which she had crafted for me in order to be worn for this shoot!
I was so happy, she did such a great job and the jewelry looks so splendid Q///Q
Before we got started then, I put on the new jewelry and he played the ZanZarah music via some speakers I brought with me from home, I swear the music matched so well into the forest sounds it was like we were in the game suddenly!
Plus the forest seemed to be a bit wicked for real, not only wicked beautiful but also a bit moody because I had some serious trouble to get to the places I wanted to go ...

...sticks catched my curls and kept me from moving on...

...leaves tried to cage me in their embrace...

And overall my (matching green *Q*) 14cm higheels weren't that easy going for me in the forest, but I didn't even slip or fall once *Q* xD
I bet it must have looked very amusing for K to watch me carefully hiking around in the woods!

So yeah, we had lots of fun during that shoot was magical! *///*
I love the woodlands! There were so many pretty flowers and trees and a little brook flowing through the entire forest, haaa just amazingly wonderfuly pretty!
My favorite part of the shoot was when we found this wonderful flower meadow, I could have stayed there all day long! I wish to go back there for a picnic soon! *___*

When it got a bit colder and we had most of the pictures done it was time to get home again to finally start watching the X-men saga with Kia, because well...I want to watch the new coming X-men movie with her and that for she should know all the other movies concerning the X-men as well!
So yeah, we also managed to take a picture together as well (<- even if it is just a crappy selfie xD) <3

♥ ~ See our first result from the shoot here ~ ♥

ZanZarah : The hidden Portal by Blossom-of-Faelivrin

I really hope you like it as much as we do, because ... well there is our heart and soul in it and we really put a lot of effort into it! <3

Love and kisses,
Fae, who's dancing with the fairies right now! ♥♥♥

  • Mood: Flirty
  • Listening to: ZanZarah Soundtrack
  • Playing: Amnesia the dark Descent


~The redhead and me after shoot~

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